Marc Beinder

Platform Manager // RX Systems PF

  • When I joined RX Systems PF, their website was a simple boiler plate theme from WooCommerce. Within 30 days my team and I deployed a new theme with minor design modifications to meet the new brand specifications.
  • As a part of this brand refresh, we also decided our site needed to be upgraded to better meet our business needs. This upgrade included integrating inventory and customer orders into our accounting system so that information would automatically sync between the two systems This was previously done manually for every order.
  • Some other integrations included HubSpot CRM and ShipStation.
  • When upgrading the site into a platform, we also deployed a wholesale customer portal. This provided adjusted wholesale pricing to select customers when signed into the platform. We had the ability to set different payment terms and shipping methods based on the profile. Previously wholesale customers had to fill out an Excel based order form and email it into the office. Customers typically would not receive confirmation of their order for several days, and in some cases, weeks. This upgrade brought that time down to minutes.
  • An additional business need met was the development of a custom WordPress plugin that managed promotions for wholesale distribution customers. This plugin managed the promotions and the inventory tracking of free items automatically included in orders of varying quantities based on pre-tax order total thresholds and profile types. 
  • Eventually the platform was integrated into for listing of products on their platform. As orders came into Amazon, our system would be notified and fire off platform events as if the order was initially placed on our platform. We had the ability to set inventory buffers as to not allow products to go on backorder on Amazon. We also were able to set Amazon pricing the be a percentage higher on Amazon in order to maintain margins and drive people back to our platform. This could be set at a product level but was most commonly set at the product group level.
  • I left RX Systems PF in October 2020 for personal reasons, but all items listed above were completed over the course of 3 months with the majority occurring within 30 days.