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My Least Favorite Enterprise Company

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Marc Beinder

I’ve recently been thinking about which companies are not enterprise friendly. Which company is on the top of my list? Google.

Unless you are using Google Ads, there is no guarantee that the product will be around tomorrow. Even when using Google Ads, they make so many changes and start driving you towards letting them have control rather than you that I can’t get behind them. Don’t get me wrong; Google Ads can work. I’ve seen it. But sometimes, you spend more time fighting with the system than improving your ads.

However, the point of what I’m saying is not specifically related to Google Ads. It’s Google as a whole. I had roughly 75-ish domains on Google Domains. Then out of the blue, I have to start migrating all of them to another registrar after they sold to Squarespace.

All in all, when deciding on a vendor for anything, ensure that what they are providing to you is at the core of their business. If it’s domains, use Cloudflare or something similar. If it’s email and productivity, use Microsoft.

At the end of the day, Google can no longer be considered remotely reliable outside of Google Ads. And even then, proceed with extreme caution.